Have you ever looked for problems where there aren’t any? Have you ever been so worried about something that never really happened?

Here! For me too the answer was a Yes!

I’ll tell you it’s pretty normal.

It is part of the very nature of man to complicate his life.

However, there are people who manage to flow forward because they face the problem right away, admit it and prefer to act without delaying it over time. They have no magic rules nor are they assisted by luck, they REACT!

Whatever you do in life, facing problems with fewer worries will help you live and work better.

The thoughts that will always complicate your life are basically 3:

  1. You see obstacles instead of solutions

One of the greatest enemies of your psyche is to see obstacles and objections instead of real solutions.

Worse still if you create these obstacles yourself.

To get out of this vortex, you need to face your fears and admit that you have them. This will be the first step. Knowing that you are afraid, you will understand that in some thoughts there are blocks that if the fear were not there, they would be immediately removed. This way you would be more motivated to find a way of thinking not dominated by fear.

2. Give more importance than you should

In this case, you may be influenced by external factors, such as not making a bad impression, not disappointing someone you care about, or just because you put many more worries on the scale than what that situation deserves.

How then?

Whatever you do, you can have positive or negative consequences, don’t try to change your attitude without expecting the same feedback.

Whatever image you decide to show the world, the best will be the one in which you are at peace with yourself. Because it inevitably implies that you have accepted it.

And after all, if you are not comfortable with yourself, are you really sure you want to know what others think?

3. You are obsessed with perfection

Do you have good solutions but since they are not perfect, do you not practice them or do you not even consider them?

Here! You too have fallen into the trap of perfection …

Welcome among us!

Let’s start with the fact that the word “perfect” only fits the Treccani.

In our increasingly full and hectic life, there would be no room for perfectionism.

Some minds even consider it boring.

Lighten the burden of the backpack you carry behind you every day, starting with removing perfectionism, unnecessary worries and objections.

The journey will be more enjoyable and you will have more energy to move forward in your fireplace.

Have a good trip!

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