Have you ever repeated to yourself such phrases: “I can’t do it”, “I’m not capable”, “I’ll never make it” or any other similar phrase?

If so, you have done everything possible to defeat yourself… unconsciously!

Your unconscious is in fact managed by such antagonistic programs making it impossible to achieve goals that would be within reach.

This form of aggression towards yourself blocks you and you gradually feel you are not up to the results to be obtained.

Aggression towards yourself thus becomes your worst enemy.

By punishing yourself for not being perfect enough, I would make it more difficult by working in the opposite direction to your success.

Your true enemies will be happy. You a little less.

Whether you are aware of it or not, it is time to act before it is too late.

Here are some symptoms you should recognize in yourself:

  • You criticize everything starting from yourself;
  • You despise authority;
  • You complain;
  • You are grumpy;
  • You are impatient;
  • You are skeptical;
  • You think others don’t appreciate you enough;
  • You have a negative vision towards the future;
  • You are envious of those you consider lucky;
  • You feel blocked and vulnerable (you think you have to protect yourself continuously from everything and everyone).

How can you permanently stop self-sabotaging yourself?

  • Use the imaging technique

Create pictures of what you want to get and print them and hang them everywhere or put them as wallpaper on your computer.

The human being by nature learns visually in most cases and these images will help your unconscious automatic program change course towards your success.

  • Stop negative habits

Make a list of your little habits by dividing them into positive and negative. Once you have recognized the negative ones, make a commitment to change one each year. Slowly

You will make it.

  • Occupy your mind positively

Be productive and occupy your mind with the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. You noticed that the situation gets worse when you have more free time, right?

Your self-sabotage is at its best when you are less busy.

  • Change your perception of yourself and others

The secret is to be able to feel capable despite someone around you or your inner voice telling you that you can’t do it.

Surely there will have been cases in your past where you worked hard to get to the finish line and although you think you could have done more, you did it.

That’s what matters!

How did you feel? You know that wonderful feeling of comfort and happiness you experienced?

I’m talking about that!

Stop caring what others think of you! Think about what really matters to you and your unconscious will have no more excuses in front of the facts.

If you want you can! Get to work immediately!

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