Edisona Kukaj

Business Coach & Consultant

I founded Override™, a transformation path that helps entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs UNLOCK their potential and rediscover the total BALANCE between professional and private life, acquiring the security and self-discipline that is needed to get their BUSINESS off the ground.

Override™ will install new functional files in your mind to achieve the success you deserve.

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Business Coaching

I help enterpreuners to achieve their goals through a path aimed at PERSONAL GROWTH and SELF-DISCIPLINE


I train entrepreneurs to improve their skills and develop SELF-ESTEEM and RESILIENCE to achieve their goals in business and private life


I support companies to conduct their business more profitably by developing their CREATIVITY and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

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I love and believe a lot in my dreams. I feed them until they can accompany me to grow in life without ending up closed and forgotten in drawers!

Several times I left with a dream in mind, with my heart pounding, full of uncertainties but with a lot of will and perseverance against any limit that might arise in my path.

Achieving results exponentially feeds self-esteem, the path and experiences lived feed and color the life I want to live.

In life as in my profession I have chosen to be a warrior, despite everything that has happened to me.

I always wanted to see in color even when it seemed like everything was going against my goals.

Without discounts and shortcuts.

This allowed me to be free and happy.

Because the greatest power we have is to decide who we want to become.

"The warrior knows that he is free to choose what he wants: his decisions are made with courage, detachment and, sometimes, with a certain dose of madness. "


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