Does everything you do have to be perfect? Do you have to achieve great goals without ever making mistakes?

Welcome among us!

Understanding perfectionism is important for understanding ourselves and our blocks. The emotions that hide behind perfectionism are fear and shame for not being: PERFECT!

Sometimes you even prepared yourself for disappointment in advance, since unfortunately you feared you were not perfect.

By failing to reach often unattainable goals, you become anxious and in some cases even depressed.

Your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and energies go in this way towards achieving sublime perfection.


Even when there is no need. After all, there is never a need to be perfect.

Being perfect makes us live continuously in the future instead of enjoying the moments of the present.

If we’re not perfect enough, we think we’re worth little.

How to get out of this nightmare?

  1. Stop!

Re-establish your priorities! Is being perfect the purpose of your life?

Are you sure?

  1. Check your thoughts

For each blocking thought write a positive next to it and every day adopt the second. To every attempt at perfect thought, respond with a positive and imperfect one.

  1. Give yourself the chance to commit a little mistake

It will be enough once. Without regrets, without fears, without shame.

The rest will come by itself.

  1. Repeat the following sentences in your mind every day

Perfection isolates me.

Fears take over my present.

I’m not wrong, I’ll never learn.

I am human and perfection is impossible.

I accept myself and enjoy my precious life every day.

The only perfection that matters is the one that lies in change and everyday happiness!

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